Weekly Round Up, 11.9.12

Hurricane Relief

Here are some of the best food stories we came across this week:

  • Where to Eat to Support Hurricane Relief Nationwide – Across America, people want to pitch in to support those on the East Coast struggling to recover after the storm’s estimated billions of dollars worth of damage. This constantly updated list provides news on restaurants around the country that are donating a portion of their proceeds and hosting events to make a difference.
  • Consuming Meat May Lead to Breast Cancer for Whites – Eating red meat and poultry seems to boost the risk of breast cancer in white women, but not black women. (Previous research into the link between meat consumption and breast cancer has only looked at white women.) A study from the Cancer Institute of New Jersey found that white women who ate the most unprocessed red meat and poultry seemed to have a higher breast cancer risk. No association was found among black women, other than a suggestion that red meat consumption might actually reduce the risk of one kind of tumor.
  • Remove College Dining Hall Trays, Lower Food Waste – University students eating at one buffet-style dining hall produced less food waste when the facility removed the trays students once used to carry food, a new study found. Researchers estimated the switch away from using trays saved about 25 total pounds of solid food waste at each lunch and dinner meal. It may also have encouraged students to eat less.
  • Marin Restaurants’ Food Waste May Soon Generate Electricity – A big chunk of the commercial food waste that central Marin County produces could soon be diverted from landfills and converted into methane gas for electricity generation. The Central Marin Sanitation Agency expects to complete upgrades to its treatment plant by January to allow it to process food waste and more caustic fats, oil and grease. Adding food waste would make the plant’s methane digester more efficient.
  • 14 Delicious, Healthful Foods Under 40 Calories – Foods that boast excellent nutrition support good health regardless of their calorie count, but for those with an eye on health and moderate caloric intake, this list of healthful, notably low-calorie foods could be useful — who knew arugula has only 4 calories per cup? Or that iron-rich beets, black coffee and turnips had so much in common?

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