Flashes in the Pan, 12.7.12


Get your weekly serving of food news from around the web:

  • Human error. Who in America eats better: men or women? See what this study found.
  • Good fat. A certain diet might just help destroy brain cancer. Surprise: it’s high in fat.
  • Bugaboos. Could pesticides in water and produce be linked to food allergies? Judge for yourself.
  • Chicken tonight. A recent study shows that the majority of this ground meat is contaminated, in the US.
  • Winter wonder. Would you eat a local tomato…grown in December? Check this out.
  • Total recall. If you’re a fan of Trader Joe’s frozen meals, be sure to see this product recall.
  • The grind. Which Stone Age tool do top chefs swear by? Find out here.
  • Great grain. Think “gluten-free wheat bread” is an oxymoron? Think again.

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Photo by Powell Burns

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