Flashes in the Pan, 12.28.12


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Aw, shoot. Accompany your New Year’s Eve toast with this veggie and you might minimize a hangover.

Food for thought. What’s a sourdough hotel? Or a wine apartment? Read the food words of the year here.

Just the facts. Will changing foods’ nutrition facts labels in 2013 make them easier to understand, or more confusing?

Daily bread. First, there was Lactaid. Soon, there might be a pill for this intolerance.

Tastes great, less… Big food companies are doing an experiment on our food. Do you know what they’ve been cutting out?

The nose knows. The way your food smells could be affecting your mood…even if you can’t smell it.

In the bag. What do cola chicken chips taste like?

Wiggle room. Some folks want you to seriously consider eating these in the new year.

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Photo by Kirti Poddar

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