Flashes in the Pan, 12.21.12


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Last supper. Could a serving of red meat shorten your life by 30 minutes? Maybe.

Dirty birds. Here’s another reason to think twice about fast food: Some of McDonald’s and KFC’s China-sourced chickens weren’t exactly inspected.

Taste test. First, she promoted the “Let’s Move” campaign. Now, she’s “crazy in love” with Pepsi. Is this major celebrity putting a ring on the wrong thing?

Not so sweet. Also in cola news, Diet Pepsi is quietly changing its sweetener.

Taxing results. It could be tempting to tax fatty, sugary foods (Denmark, France and Hungary do). But doing so might have surprising consequences.

Cost of doing business. Sustainable vs. certified organic food: what’s the difference?

Just too much. For the first time, this has become a bigger global problem than lack of food.

Sensitive technology. If you can’t have nuts, eggs or gluten,try hooking up this mobile phone allergen-sniffer.

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Image by Jessica Spengler

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