Flashes in the Pan, 12.14.12

cupcake or muffin?

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Tricky treat. Is that muffin you’re eating actually a cupcake? Here’s how to tell.

Oil spill. The slippery truth is out: imported “extra-virgin” olive oil may not be what it claims.

Hot dish. Would you want to smell like a favorite food? Canadians are going wild for pizza perfume.

Right bites. People who eat a certain way could be 35% less likely to die from a stroke or repeat heart attack, according to a large study. See if your diet matches theirs.

Comfort food. What’s red on the outside, and can make you 52% less likely to be blue on the inside? Find out here.

Something’s fishy. The fish you think you’re buying could be something completely different.

Just desserts. Mushroom ice cream? Celery sorbet? Chefs are adding veggies to our favorite sweets, and there’s a surprising benefit.

Nice blend. Spice up your veggies by turning them into these clever spreads.

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