Flashes in the Pan, 1.4.13


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Slip slidin’ away. Tired of waiting for honey or ketchup to ease out of the bottle? See if this gel is something you’d want with your condiments.

Past due. If you can’t decide whether to throw something out once it’s past its sell-by date, read this.

Acquired tastes. Glue in your meat? Trans fats in your fruit juice? This article argues that food chemicals aren’t so bad (but do you want to eat them?).

Looking good. Hot chocolate tastes better in this color cup (and it’s not the only food affected by hue).

Size matters. Is it possible that carrying a few extra pounds could give you this unexpected benefit?

Fulfilling memories. Remembering a puny meal could trick your body into this.

Men, men, men, men. What’s a “man aisle” at the supermarket? Hint: it involves beer and lighter fluid.

Red in the face. Could this type of diet be behind the rise in depression?

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Photo by Dino Giordano

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