Flashes in the Pan, 1.18.13


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White lies. Just how bad for you is sugar? A giant study suggests some answers.

That stinks. Americans still overwhelmingly choose white bread over whole-wheat. Researchers think it’s because of the smell.

Not so fast. Teens who eat a lot of this could be 40% more likely to have severe asthma.

Cleaner plates. Looks like Americans’ definition of “healthy” is changing.

Gut feeling. You know that gut bacteria is important. Turns out it could make a painful difference starting at birth.

Foreign taste. What do you think of this old Chinese diet for new mothers?

Pyramid power. You might be surprised to learn where Fig Newtons originated.

Orange you glad? Eating certain veggies could cause this uplifting effect.

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One thought on “Flashes in the Pan, 1.18.13

  1. Thanks for all the quick links! All of them are very interesting and motivating! I need to read an article about how bad sugar really is about once a month just to remind myself!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, I have been dealing with some asthmatic symptoms lately so thanks for the article on asthma. I am always looking to learn more about health and wellness!

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