The Clean Plates Special: Short-grain Brown Rice with Chef Kuniko Yagi

Cooked brown rice

Welcome to the latest in our new series, The Clean Plates Special, written exclusively for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living online. This week features organic, short-grain brown rice. Health-conscious cooks appreciate its benefits: brown rice retains the outer bran and germ, which are high in fiber and B vitamins. When mixed with legumes (like beans), they form a complete protein. Plus it has a satisfying nuttiness and, thanks to the fiber, is pleasantly filling.

We spoke with chef and brown rice fan, Kuniko Yagi, who was a rising star at David Myers’ Michelin-starred Sona restaurant in Los Angeles and is poised to open his coming Silk Road-inspired hotspot this December. We caught up with Yagi mid-restaurant planning and dished with her about macrobiotics, pressure cookers and her favorite healthy ingredient.

Want more? Read the entire interview and get the recipe for Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice, plus Soft-Cooked Eggs in Green Tea with Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice, by clicking here.

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