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Recolor the Palate

Have you gotten into a meal monotony, where you make the same things over and over?

Brighten things up with Re-Color the Palate. Created by holistic health practitioner and Clean Plates nutritional consultant Ashley Spivak, the site will teach you to make multiple dishes using the same five to seven ingredients.

How it works: the home page features a “Raw Materials Round-Up” of Spivak’s latest grocery list and recipes. Shop once, and you’ll have a variety of palate-pleasing tastes to get you through the week.

Spivak also spotlights a key ingredient and offers several ways to prepare it. For Clean Plates, she put the spotlight on chia seeds. Try one of the following four recipes featuring the protein- and fiber-rich super seed:

As the site’s name suggests, Re-Color the Palate is also big on palettes. Spivak explains that foods’ colors indicate their unique nutrient profiles, so eating a variety of hues means you’re getting a wider range of nutrients while also preventing your palate from dying of boredom.

Taste the rainbow.

Want more recipes? Check out The Clean Plates Cookbook!

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