8 Top Sugar Alternatives


You’ve probably heard by now that too much refined sugar can contribute to health problems from obesity to diabetes. But signing on for a life without another cookie, slice of birthday cake or sip of hot chocolate can sound like, well, a bitter pill to swallow.

So Clean Plates founder Jared Koch rounded up eight of his top alternatives to refined sugar, including a couple that may be new to you. See if your favorite sweetener made the list: read the full article here.

These sweeteners still aren’t health foods, and fruit is our top way to sweeten up. But when you do indulge, try to stick to the list, and you might add a little nutrition to your dessert.

That’s a treat.

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2 thoughts on “8 Top Sugar Alternatives

    • Based on research it seems to be a healthy alternative. In large amounts it may cause digestive distress like loose bowels but other than that seems to be safe.

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